ჟურნალი ,,კავკასიის სამედიცინო მაცნე”


SHALVA MARDI, M.D., Dr. of Medical Science, Professor
Active Member of American, European and Asian of
Scientific Academy

Address: 3. Blecherweg, CH – 4102 Binningen,
Basel, Switzerland
Tel/Fax: 004161-3067826

Date and place of birth: 10.5.1933; Lailashi, Georgia, USSR
Former name: Mardock -Mardachiashvili (Ben-Mardochay)
Date of immigration from USSR: 3.04.1974

Marital status: Mrs Rosa-Maria Mardi, 1936,
Med. Dr., Professor (Honour).

Children: Gymsher, 1963, Med. Doctor
Laura, 1965, Med. Doctor

Languages: English, German, French, Russian, Hebrew, Georgian, etc.

Medical Doctor, Dr. of Science (Medicine), Ph.D., Professor, Active member of Scientific International, National and Medical Academies of tens of European, American, and Asian countries.


1. B.S., College of the City of Kutaisi, USSR,
Medal and Diploma Nr. 001211, 3.7.1953.

2. National Russian Academy of Medicine, Moscow, 1959
Medical Doctor, Gold diploma №- 152853.

3. Academy of Medical Sciences, Institute of Oncology, St. Petersburg, (Leningrad ), USSR
Assoc. Professor of Oncology – Cand. Med. Sci.
Diploma № – 005241, from1963.

4. Academy of Medical Sciences, Kiev, Ukraine, USSR
Research Professor – Doctor of Science in Medicine
Diploma № – 003955. 15.5.1968. (highest degree in Medical Science in ex-USSR).

5. Philosophical doctor (Ph.D.)
Diploma from 21.10.1968.

6. Certificate of Specialization in Dermatology for Medical Expertise,
№ – 13112, 30.1.1964, Medical Institute of Georgian Republic Tbilisi (MIGRT).

7. Certificate of Medical Academy of Israel (highest – IV degree in Medical Science) 1974, Israel

8. Certificate of International Society for speciality in Dermatological Surgery,
1988, USA.

9. Certificate of European Society for Dermatological Research, 1979, London, England.

10. Certificate of International Society for speciality in Laser Surgery, 1986, USA.

11. Member of Directory of the International Society of Dermatopathology, 1988, USA.

12. Active Member of European Academy of Dermatology and Venerology (27 European states). 1992.

13. Active Member of International Society of Immuno-Rehabilitation, 1996.

14. Certificate of American Society of Flying Physicians, Diploma of Honor, 1986, USA.

15. Active Member of the American Academy of Dermatology (including 12 North and South American countries).

16. Active Member of the Georgian Scientific Academy (Ecology), Tbilisi, Georgia, 1999.

17. Active Member of Russian National Scientific Medical Military Academy. St. Petersburg. 21.12.2000.

18. Diploma of Honorary Doctor and Professor of the Military Medical Academy of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation. 13.9.2000.

19. Diploma – Honorary Member of Scientific Medical Academy of the Russian Federation, by decision of Presidium of the RSMA. № – 32 from 13.02.2002.

20. Diploma – Certificate of Ukrainian Medical Association of Radiology and WHO: Honorary Member of Physicians of Chernobyl Association. № -614. 12.02.2002.

21. Diploma – Certificate: Honorary Member of Medical Scientific Association of Dermatology and Venerology of Russian Federation. 17.02.2002. Moscow.

22. Diploma – “L’Evaluation Internationale Academique”, Active Member of National Academy (17 ex-USSR and east European countries, including Slovakia, Albania, Turcia, and Macedonia).

23. Diploma and Gold Medal of Laureate of Russian Ministry of Health in Clinical and Scientific Medicine. Moscow, 2002.

24. Active Member of World Congress of Jewish Scientists, 2002.

25. Certificat Pour Decoration L’Evalution Internationale Academique de la Popularite at de la Qualite “La Fortune d’Or” decore de la medaille d,argent de St. George III degree, № – 042. From: Scientific Academy (10 Asian and European countries). 1.06.2002.

Clinical and Scientific Appointments

1. Head of Histopathological, Genetic and Cytogenetic Laboratory of Oncological Hospital, Kutaisi, Georgia, USSR, 1959-1968.

2. Head of Experimental and Pathological Center of the University Hospital of Kutaisi, USSR, 1965-1972.

3. Head of Department of Human Pathology. Professor of the Institute of Human Generative Functions of Prof. Jordania. Tbilisi, USSR, 1970-1974.

4. Doctorate – Scientist in National Academy of Medical Sciences, USSR, Institute of Oncology, Department of Immunobiological Service, Moscow, 1959-1962.

5. Doctorate – Physician Scientist in the Intitute of Oncology, Pathological and Gynecological Departments, Leningrad, 1963-1978.

6. Doctorate – Scientist in National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine. Institute of Oncology, Department of Pathology, Kiev, 1968-1969.

7. Medical Doctor – Oncologist at Sheba Medical Center, Tel-Hashomer, Institute of Oncology (Tel-Aviv University), Israel, 1974-1975.

8. Chief Scientist for clinical Investigations of new medicaments in Jaffa (T.A.) Hospital, Tumor Detection Center. Tel-Aviv – Jaffa, 1975-1977.

9. Director of Institute of Skin Pathology. Kiron, Israel, 1988-2003.

10. Professor and Scientific Director of dermato-cosmetic firm „Marditalia“, Padova, Italia, 1989-1994.

11. Visiting professor of dermatological department of pharmaceutical industry, Richardson-Merrell Ltd., Wilton, USA, 1979-1982.

12. Visiting Professor in Buffalo University, dermatological department for clinical investigation of new, dermato-oncological medicaments, Buffalo, USA, 1979-1981.

13. Visiting professor of pharmaceutical industry „Toshiba Pharmaceuticals“, Tokyo, 1982.

14. Head of department and Professor of Dermatological Division, pharmaceutical industry, Solco Basel AG, Switzerland, 1977-1982.

15. Scientific Consultant and Visiting Professor of pharmaceutical industries: Basotherm AG (Germany), Rothshield Foundation Hospital – dermatological department (Paris, France), ABIC AG, TEVA AG (Israel), 1982-1986, D-Pharm, Rehovet, Israel.

16. Guest Professor of Institute of Radiology, Medical Center, Houston, Texas, USA,

17. Head of project for the development of new diagnostical tests for cancer, Faculty of Life Sciences, Tel-Aviv University, Israel, 1974-1976.

18. Medical Consultant for scientific project: Antioxidants in dermatology, Bar-Ilan University, Israel, 1986-1990.

19. Chief and Inventor of Global Scientific Project: Stop Skin Cancer Epidemic. Switzerland – Russia – Israel – USA. 2000 – 2003.

20. Chief and Inventor of International Scientific Project: New Line of nonresistent antibacterial pharmaceutical Product «Infectyl». Switzerland – Russia – Israel.

21. Chief and Inventor of novel pharmaceutical product for the treatment of HPV-associated external genital and cervical – Portio Uteri‘s Pathology, Obninsk; Moscow, Russia, (WHO-Geneva). 2002- 2003.

22. Chief and Inventor of new antisolar and preventive antiskincancer system in dermatology (MardiShark). Switzerland – Israel, 2002-2003.

Professional Activities

1977-1982 Scientific Director and Professor of Dermatological Division, Solco Ltd., Basel, Switzerland.

1981-1984 Guest Professor and Scientific Consultant for Richardson-Merrell Ltd., Wilton, USA.

1982-1986 Scientific Consultant for Solco Ltd., Basel; ABIC AG, Switzerland; Basotherm AG, Germany; D-Pharm, Israel; Richardson-Merill Co., USA.

Guest Professor of Merrell Research Center, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, 1979-1982.
Guest Professor of Buffalo Dermatologic Clinic, USA, 1988-1993.
Guest Professor of Institute of Radiology, Medical Center, Houston, Texas, USA, 1988-1989 For development and clinical study of new dermatological and gynecological preparations.
Guest Professor at different universities in Europe, Russian Federation, North and South America, and Asia.

Membership in Professional Societies

International Society of Dermatology and Venerology
European Society of Dermatology and Venerology
USSR College of Physicians
USSR College of Oncologists
Russian College of Clinical Research
Ukrainian College of Oncologists
Israel College of Physicians
Israel College of Oncology
International Society for Dermatological Surgery
International Society of Laser Surgery
International Society for Dermatological Pathomorphology
International Society for European Society for Dermatological Research (England)
Switzerland Society of Medicine
Switzerland Society of Dermato-oncology
Russian Society of Dermato-oncology
Russian Society of Dermato-venerology
American Society of Dermato-oncology

Tens of International rewards, prizes and medals in science medicine and dermato-cosmetics.

• Publication of more than 100 scientific papers and monographs (see separate list) and five books in literature.
• International patents for 5 new pharmaceutical remedies, 4 of them already registered in Europe and Asia, and America.
• Patent for Development of new diagnostic apparatus in oncology: Cancer cells in blood.
• Inventor ( World, European and National patents) of 17 new oncological, dermatological, dermato-cosmetic, dental and gynecological products. They are marketed in the name of Solcoderm, Solcoderman, Solcogyn, Mardyl, Infectyl, Mardi Lines of MARDITALIA and MARDISRAEL , etc.
• Lecturer at dozens of national, international and world scientific congresses, symposiums and conferences for dermatology and oncology.
• Prize-winner of many countries, International organizations and institutes for research in medicine.
• Honorary Citizen of Jerusalem, from 1974.
• One of the Mountains of Caucasus is named «SHALVA MARDI», 1998.

Current Positions: President of Research Laboratory for the novel Pharmaceutical Products and Cosmetics;

Chief of the Medical science project: Global solution of
skin cancer epidemic (UNO – GENEVA, Switzerland

1. Ex -President of the Institute of Dermatooncology, Kiron
2. Honorary President of World Association of Georgian Emigrants
3. Writer of literature
4. Journalist
5. Artist – Sculptor
6. Consultant in Medical Sciences, Clinics and Cosmetics in Russian Federation
and Latine American States
7. Consultant in philosophy and religion
8. Active member of World Congress of Jewish Scientists.
10. Chairman of World Congress of Georgian Jews.