Metastatic damage of bone

ჟურნალი ,,კავკასიის სამედიცინო მაცნე”, N22, თებერვალი, 2010 წ

The role of MRI in diagnostics of metastatic damage of bone.
Nino Magradze, Nana Gugulashvili.
Supervised by: Sofo Kakhadze (Medical Research Centre of Todua)
Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University.
Faculty of Medicine.

Many works are devoted to the analysis of sensitivity and specificity of various radiological methods of revealing metastatic infringement of a bone.The role of radiological diagnostics has recently increased. Our purpose was to review achievement of modern medicine in diagnostics of metastatic damage of the bone and to show advantages and disadvantages of any radiological diagnostics methods.