Dental traumas in children

The journal “Medical herald of the Coucasus”, N20, December, 2009

ჟურნალი ,,კავკასიის სამედიცინო მაცნე”

Dental traumas in children. Importance, main principles and methods of treatment. Author: N. Tsintsadze Dental Student, Tbilisi State University, 7th semester; Supervised by D.D.S, Ph.D, Assoc. Professor M. Kalandadze, Tbilisi State University; Presented by: Tbilisi State University.

Dental trauma in children is a frequent case and occurs in different forms in dental practice. Due to this, the classification is based on clinical symptoms and differs from each other leading to a specific way of treatment in each individual case. Mostly, parents do not know the importance of deciduous dentition and dentists are often asked why should the primary teeth be treated, when permanent teeth are to erupt soon. The terms apexsogenesis, apexification are unknown to them, and they are unable to differ young and fully developed permanent teeth. In this article, we discuss the importance of treating traumatic dental injuries, particularly, in primary and young permanent dentition. Furthermore, we give emphasis to the main principles and methods of successful treatment of dental traumas.